Blockbuster Movie Zoo


Not all the action was on the screen when I went to see a blockbuster movie recently. There was mayhem in the audience, especially with the sound effects, which was way louder that the sound track of the movie. Here’s what assaulted my ears: slurping drinks rustling of lolly annd chip wrappers crunching chips (loudest […]

Earphones: The Eighth Wonder of the World


I’m probably a late adopter of  modern technology (still use a HB pencil and paper), but I’ve started to use earphones with my new mobile phone. And what a difference that makes to my sanity and my eardrums. I can now filter out all the unwelcome noise that really drives me crazy, like:

Spot The Error – #2

Well, I had a flood of reponses to my previous post (one – not, it wasn’t me) but no-one spotted the errors. Here’s the photo again. Have a closer look and you’ll see : snitzel should be schnitzel hamburger  lot and steak s/wich lot presumably should be with the lot there are no decimal points in […]