Monkey2Not all the action was on the screen when I went to see a blockbuster movie recently.

There was mayhem in the audience, especially with the sound effects, which was way louder that the sound track of the movie.

Here’s what assaulted my ears:

  • slurping drinks
  • rustling of lolly annd chip wrappers
  • crunching chips (loudest sound on earth – especially in the dark)
  • mobile phone
  • popcorn crunching
  • talking

All this happened during a matinee session on a Saturday and all the people there were either teenagers or probably in their twenties.

Now before you accuse me of being prejudiced against young people, the same distractions also come from some seniors – even in non blockbuster movies that actually have a script. So bad manners are not really age-related. You can be a bit of a dill at any age.

I dream of a day where everyone in a movie theatre just sits there and enjoys the movie in silence without sounding like monkeys at a zoo during feeding time.

But for the time being I’m stuck in the blockbuster zoo.

Oh well, it may end up  ‘monkey see, monkey do’ so next time I’ll come  armed with lollies, popcorn, and ice cream … and join the frenzy.



Reel Aussie Stuff


Here in Australia you’re allowed to drive up power poles as long as you don’t exceed the speed limit of 40km/h. Yes, we are a bit quirky here in the land of oz – you have to be! How else can you deal with the following:

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Earphones: The Eighth Wonder of the World

Thumbnail image for Earphones: The Eighth Wonder of the World

I’m probably a late adopter of  modern technology (still use a HB pencil and paper), but I’ve started to use earphones with my new mobile phone. And what a difference that makes to my sanity and my eardrums. I can now filter out all the unwelcome noise that really drives me crazy, like:

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Spot The Error – #2

Bits of Nonsense

Well, I had a flood of reponses to my previous post (one – not, it wasn’t me) but no-one spotted the errors. Here’s the photo again. Have a closer look and you’ll see : snitzel should be schnitzel hamburger  lot and steak s/wich lot presumably should be with the lot there are no decimal points in […]

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Spot The Error

Bits of Nonsense

How good are you at spotting an error on a sign? Well, check this one out and tell me where the error is. Let me know by posting a reply.  

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