Memoir: Not Just a Memory


Well, it’s been a very hectic year and I was hoping to have a narrative draft of my memoir by now but it hasn’t happened. And it’s not due to laziness. I was getting up at 5.50 am each weekday to work on the memoir, but one hour a day is not enough to write […]

Call Saul

Call Saul

I couldn’t resist taking this shot as I walked past a notice board while shopping. The words ‘Call Saul’ leapt out at me. So this might be a toughie for those who live on another planet or for those who live in middle earth, but look closely at this sign and tell me what it […]

Blockbuster Movie Zoo


Not all the action was on the screen when I went to see a blockbuster movie recently. There was mayhem in the audience, especially with the sound effects, which was way louder that the sound track of the movie. Here’s what assaulted my ears: slurping drinks rustling of lolly annd chip wrappers crunching chips (loudest […]